I've been running badly in the PSO this month, even while my play elsewhere has been going from strength to strength. It's odd because last month it was the other way around. Very good in PSO and awful form/luck outside. So what's going on? I have an idea what the problem is. 

Being still pretty new at this, I am not yet really capable of internalising more than one style of play at a time. So last month I was in PSO mode and my attempts at cash ring games at the end of the month were disastrous because I couldnt switch styles. I tried but didn't have a standard cash game to fall back on, so my cash play was erratic and unprofitable.

This month I discovered the  $1.11 50/50 games. After playing almost 100 of them I'm getting in the money over 75% with a ROI over 20%, so its been a success, but of course I have had to adapt and develop my game for them. They are short and sharp and although "tight early" is still the order of the day, I've had to get better at identifying and making the most of any chances to build a stack. Scraping into the money each time, ala PSO, is not a good strategy here. The great thing about playing these has been that it has really forced me to get better at reading players and putting them on ranges, which had probably been the most glaring weakness in my game. I still wouldnt call it a strength, but I have certainly got better at it.

So having trimmed my game for these tourneys, I now go into a PSO skill league event and without meaning to I find myself playing as if it were a 50/50.  I will concentrate hard for a while but then my fingers start itching to steal some blinds or play speculative hands against the weak players at the table. I am instinctively looking for those little opportunities, and having found one, it can be hard to resist risking some chips on the gamble. Fine in a 50/50 but not good practice in PSO. So my PSO results have suffered with way too many early exits.

Anyone else have such problems switching between game types? Or have any suggestions for overcoming the problem? I do suspect that in the end it is all a matter of repetition and experience. With enough experience I may be able to develop a reliable enough game in each format I play that I can switch back and forth between them without too much trouble. But that time could be quite a way off. Meanwhile I will have to prioritise better, maybe play a few days of one then a few of the other instead of trying to jump back and forth all the time.

Good luck and see you at the tables.