I've had limited time to play this month, so I am really happy to find myself 183rd in the PSO league with 1798 points so far. Checking out the leaderboard I found just two players above me who have played fewer tourneys. I've played just 25. Respect to Buzzjacket and Cat992k for hitting such high rankings from even fewer games. Of course, there may be others up in the higher echelons who were higher than I am now after the same number of games, but I think I must be doing something right. Shame I haven't had the time to compete more.

Because I've had less time available, I have taken a break from the 25 cent S&G and the cash tables. I will have to dive in over the next few days though to earn my 20VPP to become active for next month.

As for the PSO games, 10 cashes from 25 games is about as good as I could wish for. The changed ITM structure means point scores are lower across the league, so I reckon I am now one or two cashes away from a place in the $50 payout range.