First of all, I want to wish a happy New Year and a peaceful and prosperous 2011 to everyone in PSO.

I'm spending a little time reviewing my December progress and setting down goals for the next month or two. My target for December was to double my bankroll from $20 to $40. Optimistic target was to hit $50, at which point I want to start playing $1 S&G to grind up to the next level. In fact, I have fallen a litle short of $40. Disapointing but far from disastrous. So now, I have to figure out what held me back in December and decide the best way to grind up to that $50 mark and also keep my game improving.

A big part of my plan was a decent little payout from the PSO league. I was hoping to get my points up into the 1800s and pull down $15 or even $30 for the month. Minimum target top 500 and a $5 payout. Based on my few previous attempts I reckoned I could get ITM once every 3 tries. As it turned out, I struggled to get ITM 1 in 4. But by playing a few more tourneys than planned I was still just about on target with about 1770 points when I took a Christmas break. I returned refreshed a few days later, looking for a couple more ITM finishes to take me to my target score.

Instead I hit a horrible run of negative points, the worst downturn I have experienced, where I could not see how I would ever win a hand again, never mind  get into the money. I battled on though, and finally it turned around (I resorted to entering a playmoney S&G, which paid off at least psychologically as I won it and felt a whole lot better), and I recovered some leaderboard points yesterday. A little more luck in the final game last night and I would have squeezed into the $15 bracket, but in the end, 431st place, a $5 prize, and 8 ITM finishes from 34 games is not too bad.

The bankroll, though, is still under $40. Spending so much time on the PSO league meant less time for the micro cash and S&G games that were bringing in slow but (so far) steady profits. It's almost doubled since last month though, so at least moving in the right direction!

So, my immediate plan is to stick to the $0.25 S&G games and $0.01/$0.02 cash games, and give the PSO league another go this month. I want and need to become more consistent in my game, but the only way to do that is to keep putting in time at the tables. See you there.