I decided to give the PSO Skill League a proper go this month, so I had to spend the last couple of days of November cramming in enough micro-limit ring games to hit the 20 VPP needed to qualify as Active.

I'd not quite reached the $20 bankroll I had set as a minimum before diving into real money games, but rather than wait another month I decided to dive in. Not having played any real money games yet, and with such a short space of time to go, this was quite a challenge. It took some desperate measures to make it, but I did.

Compared to playmoney games, there appear to be fewer unthinking calling stations or transparent bluffers around in microlimit. This hurt me in two ways. One, my big hands didnt get paid off nearly as well. Two, I lost a few really big pots, and undid hours of effort in the process, by overplaying decent made hands against determined opponents who turned out to have the nuts hand.

But overall I was delighted to find I was breaking even or slightly ahead. The problem was I was running out of time and  still well short of the vital 20VPP. So I broke my bankroll rules again and stepped up to $0.02/$0.05 blinds. 

With an hour to the deadline, I was still just short of the VPP I needed, so I took a deep breath and opened another table. Playing tighter than a tight thing, I watched as the other players generated the rake to take me to my 20VPP target. I had over half my tiny bankroll in play, which I certainly intend NEVER to do again, but it worked out for me this time, and I even managed to make a small profit on each table thanks to getting dealt some cards I just had to play.

So after a hectic couple of days at the Pokerstars tables, my little baby bankroll is up over $20 for the first time, my confidence is high, and I am ready to start trying to scale the mountain that is the PSO Skill League.

Last month I managed to get in the money 3 out of 7 attempts. We'll soon see if that was a fluke or not. My aim this time around is to play 20 or so tournaments, make the money one out of 3 times, and get at least to the last 50% pretty much every other time. I'll allow myself one disastrous early knockout without getting too down on myself. If I hit my target, I reckon to be somewhere between 1700 and 1750 points, and probably squeezing into the prize money.