Sunday Storm had a very large field of 113,770 players, thinking to myself, boy this is going to be a test of patience just to get to the money.  Starting chips $3000  With a field this size knowing the bubble is a long ways away, your going to need many chips once you reach this point. The bubble was 14,400 something. Nearly 3 hours in to the tourny we were at the bubble, chipped up and thinking dang,time to go for the gold. Had $53,000 in chips and in the top 3% of the field i said to myself go for it. Was looking good till my pocket 7s got caught by pocket 8s. Needlees to say we both hit our pair, trips for both of us heads up players. Went out in 4647 place, not to bad considering there were 113,770 players. Not the result i was looking for though. One thing i can say is, it was a blast !!!!   Ended up in the top 4% of the total field. Yes PSO has helped improve my game and looking forward to learning more from PSO in the future. It was a great experience and a great stepping stone for future endeavors. Good Luck to all,  3 days left for this month. Its been fun and very enjoyable playing poker with all of ya in PSO.   Ruff Ruff.....My X Beagle