Writing only a few blogs this month i thought it was time to mention what the PSO League has meant to me and the potential it has. First off, i can say it has improved my game to a standard that i feel  comfortable competing in tournaments and cash game to a much higher degree. I have always enjoyed playing Holdem.  With the resources provided here at PokerStars as a learning school and a opportunity to compete at the same time, " its a wonderful combination. " Someone had a good idea"   Another great idea was the opportunity to qualify for the Swarm the Storm as a PSO member.  Played in 4 of the 5 tourny's so far," there is one more qualifier tourny later today at 8 pm.... Won a $11 ticket  from 2 of those 4 tournaments.  "Awesome playing in the Sunday Storm tomorrow ".  Which brings me to the potential part,  of course it speaks for itself.  Million $ Prize pool.  Good Luck to everyone,  See ya at the tables...... Ruff Ruff      My X Beagle