Lets start off by saying, Thanks to all the folks for watching us play today. I enjoyed the conversation with all of ya. Some good competition and enjoyable conversations.
 There are exactly 14 days left of play for the month, its starting to bunch up at the top and many folks with some good rounds headed toward the top. Looks like it will be a high scoring month. 
 Placed 38th tonight in the 10 oclock game. Should be very close for 2nd place ranking. Stevepitch lost a couple of points "10 Oclock game" to make it real close. He is a solid player and deserves a good showing this month. Stevepitch and i have watched eachother play these last few days. Keeping an eye open sorta speak.
 A note to some players, The point system must not be clear to some, shove shove shove and before they know it there broke. Patience is the key to placing  ITM. This will make you a better player and the rewards will come in time. There is alot of info here to improve your game. PSO format is to earn points and climb the leaderboard..
Think about this, everything i have learned was from sombody else. So True.
So much for now, best of luck to ya. See ya at the tables.... My X Beagle