Was playing in the PSO on Monday 19th July I flat called with 6d 6c just to see if I can hit the set and before you all say you should never limp with pocket pairs it was at the start of the tourney. Well the flop came down Qs 6s Ah rainbow so no flush draws happy days for my I have hit my set plus I was last to act player B bets the min player D raises with a 10 times raise so he obviously as an ace. Then it gets folded to me so I min bet as I know he will re-raise player B folds and player D shoves putting me all in so I snap call he turns over As Js. Turn comes down another Qd happy days a full house for me and 2 pairs for him then here comes the river the good old river yes you guessed it another Qh giving player D a bigger full house. Don’t you just hate it when they hit runner runner I tell you my laptop some abuse thrown at it and yes my mouse is alive just well will be back on the tables soon good knows how many points I lost there oh well that’s my first blog over enjoy.