The conclusion so far is still the same, I made the right choice. On the first session of the month I pushed my BR high enough to take a shot at NL5 and that’s where I’m standing right now. I’ve been trying my best to choose the best tables possible and make the best decisions on every given situation, although I’m a little new on the whole table selection thing and there’s been rocks on my path but nothing too serious.

The thing I’m having more troubles with is the volume. When playing a bunch of tables I prefer to title then rather to stack them, and when I open more than 6 the tables become too small to really understand what’s going on, especially with my HUD. On the other hand I’m not being as disciplined as I should be. I usually get out of work by 5pm (local time), hit the gym by 5:30, back at home before 7, take a bath and eat before 8, then usually hit the tables. But there are times when I just decide to take a couple of moments to play any given video game (Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Path of the Exile, League of Legends, or any other of my Steam library) and then hit the tables probably by 9 or so. The issue is that, as some of the other player around here, with work and personal life sometimes it’s hard to just go sit in the computer just to play poker. It’s ok to have a distraction, a couple of month ago I was able to find a balance between poker and video games but maybe I just got lost along the way. But nothing to be too worried about, just need to take a pause and find it again.

I have several sessions planned before the month ends to push my BR as high as possible to hopefully take a shot at NL10 by next month. I try to update my personal blog every week with graphs and numbers, feel free to look it up if you guys want to. I haven’t posted a hand on the forums in a while but I lurk around them quite a bit every day but only comment when I have a different point of view that the one someone already talked about.

One of my best friends tried to incursion in poker, which would’ve been nice as I’d have someone to discuss hands with, but I think between family and work he bailed… He still owes the $20 I lend him to begin playing… Nothing more to add right now, until next time and gl at the tables!