It took me almost 7 months to finally make the decision but like some say, better late than never. I’ve been playing Zoom poker since last year mostly moving between NL2 and NL5 but never getting the results I wanted. It was only until a couple of days ago that I decided to just try something else since what I’ve been doing is just not working.

The reality is that, despite the fact that I enjoy a lot playing Zoom, those tables are just getting way too nitty. On those player pools of over 500 players (at NL2 for instances) the field is getting tougher even at NL2. I’ve always found the regular tables softer in general against its Zoom counterparts, but the action tends to be way slower unless you add a bunch of tables to compensate.

I started taking table selection more seriously and decided to take things slow opening just a handful of tables (between 4 and 6) to try and give my full attention to all of my decisions. So far I’ve played a couple of sessions with some decent results, maybe I’m just on a heater but I think the changes I made did help in some way.

I’m pretty much taking this 2nd half of the year as a new start towards my goals for the end of the year. My main objective was and still is to move up a couple of stakes on the micros, I think that I’m taking the right steps towards that particular goal. I have a rough idea of the plans I intend to follow next month, pretty much it's about trying to play longer sessions to still pursue some VIP Stellar Rewards and just add more volume to my game.

I usually keep my personal blog more updated but I’ll try to do the same with this one. I do enjoy writing some sort of motivational posts for the Poker School from time to time but sometimes I lack the time to do so. I hope to bring another post you guys enjoy next month, until then take care and gl at the tables!