As I said on my post last month I went on a trip to LA and Vegas, the thing I didn't mention was the ideas and plans I had before leaving and after getting back home so let's start there.


A couple of days after I wrote that post Nathan Williams AKA blackrain79 wrote a very interesting post on this blog, that changed my perspective completely of what I was supposed to do and how. He writes a lot about the microstakes and it's a huge source of information on both his blog and his youtube page. Anyways, that blog was about setting goals for this year and the right way to have a great year at poker. Got to say that it was inspiring to say the least and you should check it out if you have the time.

After reading it I started working on my game and the plan for the year, one of the things I wanted to do was achieving the Silver Star Status for the first time ever before going on vacations and I'm proud to say that I did it with a couple of days to spare. Now that I'm back I started grinding again.

I feel that I haven't been studying anymore and wasn't trying to improve my game, even though my plans resolve around moving up stakes.

The important part is that I have my priorities in order now and I'm ready to have a good year at poker. As in today I'm currently playing 5NL Zoom tables so you can find me there grinding my way up to take my first shot 10NL. I had 3 successful sessions so far, trying to work on my leaks and saving hands to review at the end of the week.

Nathan's blog also pushed me back to using my personal blog again; even if no one ever reads it, I'll use it just to keep track of the progress on my quest. You can check it out if you like here.

The trip to LA was pretty fun; we drove around the city and went to most places tourists visit, although we were more busy shopping that doing anything else. Vegas is another place all together, people every day and every hour thinking about party and drinking, it was something very different to what I'm used to but a great experience. Only managed to play poker once on the MGM Grant, I did end up winning a couple of bucks and get my membership card for the MLife program. Here a photo of me playing because I haven't figure out how to upload pictures here.

Enough talk, time to get back to the game. Hope everybody had a good January and an even better February so far. Keep up grinding and gl at the tables!