Hello everyone and happy new year!

Haven't posted anything in a long while, I've been trying to for a while but ended up postponing it over and over again. The year ended before I could even blink and now January already started and so has my poker adventure. 

Last year I wanted to finish playing 10NL cash games but between me not playing a lot and some bad sessions/variance I had to just continue moving between 2NL and 5NL again.

I have a trip planned for the end of the month like last year, but this time I'm going to Los Angeles and probable spend some days in Vegas. I'll go with my gf and friends but they know I'll hit the tables at least one time during our stay.

This year I plan to play a lot more in order to continue my growth as a poker player. I feel that with enough volume and study I can be where I want to be in no time. My BR is not very healthy right now but mostly due to me constantly taking shots; but that's the approach I have plan for this first month, if things don't workout I'll just figure out a new strategy.

I plan to start blogging more regularly, hope everyone had a great year! Until next time, gl at the tables!