October we could say was a good month poker-wise; unlike last year this time I actually caught up with Team Online Week from the start, which allowed me (made me) play more to try and get a piece of the action. It started very hard but at the end didn’t make any big scores against the pro’s but didn’t lose money either so we’re fine anyways.

Before and after that I was playing my regular game (5NL FR Zoom) with pretty good results, manage to get back on my feet since last month and feeling great about my game. Also started studying and re-reading again a couple of books to try and keep everything fresh.

Basically the plan for this month is try to make some decent volume this month hoping to get enough money on the bankroll to take my first shot at 10NL, not gonna push it though… Don’t want to make mistakes by rushing it in. I was also lurking around the Basic Poker Hand Discussion forum at the start of the month but then forgot about it, I’ll try to be more active in that part… I was supposed to upload a couple of hands for discussion to but again forgot all about it.

I'm already marking hands on the HM2 as I play to have choices to review and upload to the forum, maybe I'll end up checking them all as I do my review at the end of week and then upload the trouble ones. I'll try and make another blog about another topic in particular and not an update of my progress, hope everyone had a good month. See ya around and gl at the tables!