I’ve been a little away from here and it all has its reasons.

I was taking shots at 5NL until that moment when variance wanted to take its cut… And so it has…

I mean I can accept my fair share of bad beats but there were so many of them I couldn’t get my head out of it and ended up throwing away more money that I should have. After losing a couple of buyings and receiving Kings at the end of a session I kept betting and sort of “talking” to my opponent (or the computer monitor) saying: come on show me the Aces and be done with it… 4 out of 5 ended up me holding Kings against Aces.

After 3 losing sessions in a row I lost the motivation to play… Nothing new it’s happened before, just took a couple of days off to clear my mind. Got some mixed feelings after reviewing those sessions, I was running  below the EV line (4 or 5 buyins) so I didn’t knew if I should feel happy cause I was playing alright or sad cause of the results… I don’t want to turn this into a bad beat blog or anything like that; it was just something that had to be said.

I downloaded a software of sticky notes to keep around on my desktop a couple of statements and things to keep me motivated. One of them says: Variance is part of the game; I can only focus on playing well. I also keep my current bankroll and current objective for that particular session and last night worked pretty well.

Sometimes those bad sessions hurt badly, especially for those of us trying to move stakes… As long as you keep improving your game and fixing those leaks the results will come, remember poker isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon. 

Feel free to comment and gl on the tables!

- mute07