After spending the first half of the year not playing as much as I wanted to I decided to really push myself to play some more in order to finally be able to take a shot at 5NL. With the $10 of the first VIP Reward and some good sessions I got over $150, more than enough for taking a shot.

Decided to begin playing 2 Zoom tables rather than 4 in order for me to get used to the new bet sizing (not the same make a standard 3 bb bet of 6 cents to 15 or a 3bet from 18 cents to 40-45…). Played only 500 hands and played way too nitty, even more than what I use to. Obviously I was a little nervous and didn’t want to make some big mistakes, but after reviewing that small session I saw how I missed a lot of opportunities to steal or even some good spots to open. Then I played another small session of 300 hands where I tried to continue getting used to it but wasn’t really feeling like playing so I quit as soon as I was ahead.

There weren’t a lot of hands to talk about… The big win came with Queens, flopped a set and got 3 streets of value.

Unfortunately the World Cup got in the way of my play… My father is Italian and my mother Venezuelan so I’m obviously cheering for Italy in this and all the World Cups and since I’m a soccer fan… It’s hard not to stay with the TV watching all the games

I’ll try to make some time to continue playing and getting some good results on 5NL.

I'll try to post more frequently like I used to, so see ya next time. Gl on the tables everyone! and good luck to your team on the World Cup!