Let me begin by saying I’m by no means an expert on the subject, it’s just that I’ve read a couple of things about it and I feel like I could point out a couple of things to point you out in the right direction.

One of the things people say about this game is that is not poker ‘cause since you are not facing the same opponent every time you can’t really profile that person easily and as some may say poker is game of people played with cards not a card game played by people, here you play the cards not the people.

Now, that statement is partially correct, but since nowadays some players (myself included) use tracking softwares like Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker everything changes. Those softwares collect information on your opponents even if you fast fold the hand so basically you’ll eventually build a strong database on everyone in your game.

Another difference is that in your regular cash games you get to choose the table you play based on the kind of opponents you want, the seat you get, average pot size, just to name a few… On Zoom you don’t get that, instead you have to play against every opponent in every seat. That will force you to learn to play against all kind of villains like Tags, Lags, Nits, Fish, Maniacs ‘cause at the end of the day you’ll need to be able to beat them all.

For me the best of it is the volume of hands. Between my job, gf, gym and all other sort of activities I don’t really have enough time to grind for hours but still I like to get a decent volume of hands. I use a 21 inch monitor and when I open more than 6 tables they get so small I can’t even see the numbers on the HUD and even playing 6 tables for an hour and a half my number of hands is a little close to 1k, playing Zoom I get more than 2k hands on the same amount of time.

It took me a while to get used to but now I only play Zoom. Everyone should try it out before making any decision, maybe is the game you’ve always been waiting for and you just know it yet.

You can find me at the 2NL FR Zoom tables building my bankroll before taking shots at 5NL, as always any comments are well received. Gl at the tables!