First of all a long overdue Happy New Year to all, hope everyone had a nice time and that this new year bring a lot a opportunities to all.

I was considering taking part of the Time Vault Challenge this year, I even had the blog ready to post but unfortunately I had to reconsider that. Between my job, girlfriend, gym and trips I have planned it would be very difficult for me to do it the right way and I’m not really a person that likes to do things half way.

At the end of the month I’m going to Florida on a small vacation with my girlfriend and of course I’m going to take the time to hit the local casino and play some life poker, I’m better prepared than the last time. I’m going to play some cash games and any good tournament if they are available.

My goal of moving up stakes on cash games is still number one on the list; I had to make a small withdraw out of my BR for this trip so it’s below the $100.

I’m going to stick with 2NL Zoom until I get to $150 when I’ll start to take shots at 5NL, if things go south (losing 5 buy-ins) I can always go back to 2NL and repeat until I comfortable playing at that stake.

Taking part of the January Daily Challenge has given me the opportunity to kind of make myself play something other than cash tables; I have to say that the Sit & Go format is pretty fun so perhaps I’ll add a couple of those on my regular sessions. I’ll try to play at least 4 sessions per week, more than that would be nice but very unlikely.

Of course improving as a player is the other goal for this year, I’m taking the time to go around the forums and blogs to post when I can. Attending to the live coaching sessions and finishing some poker books I have left from last year is another thing I’m planning to do this year.

I’ll keep posting updates from time to time, hope to see you around. Feel free to comment  and gl on the tables!