This month I’ve been having a lot of problems to sit myself on the tables and start grinding, I start my session and can’t seem to play as much as I’d like. On one hand I took another shot at 5NL and found myself loosing almost 10 buy-ins in two sessions, which of course was one hell of a hit to my BR. Can’t blame it all to bad luck ‘cause after reviewing those sessions I found some serious mistakes. I was calling way too often OOP, not 3-betting enough, folding too much to 3-betting, not defending enough, not floating enough, playing more Zoom tables that I could handle, etc. I went back to 2NL to get back on my feet and pull myself together to take another shot at 5NL before the end of the year.

To be honest I think I was a little scared… I won’t say that I’m crushing 2NL but it is certainly easy for me now that I’ve spend so much time there and even though the difference 2NL and 5NL isn’t that big, I have to admit I’m afraid to fail on my little quest.

In all my life my biggest fear has always been to fail, that little thing has made me play a little scared of the outcome on certain hands and pushed me to fold. It’s time to regroup and plan better my sessions.

I had the great idea to add 2 2NL Zoom tables along with the 4 5NL tables I was playing to add more volume of hands, and the results speak for themselves… I couldn’t control all the action and made me some terrible decisions… The only good thing about failing is that you get to learn a couple of things.

Yesterday I went back to play regular tables due to the Milestone Hands promo but the plan is to continue playing Zoom, but only 4 tables which are more than enough for me to control. Made enough to take another shot at the 5NL tables but will play the regular ones to see if I get lucky with the promo.

On other news for the first time in my life I cashed a VIP Stellar Reward, the first $10 which I find pretty cool.

Now the year is almost over and I was thinking very seriously about trying to make a Time Vault Challenge, maybe to encourage me and fulfill my goals as a poker player. I have the blog and forum post almost done, maybe I’ll post them by the end of the year or the first week of January.

Until then see ya around, Merry Christmas everyone and gl on the tables!