A couple of blog posts ago I was talking about how I wanted to be a regular on the 5NL tables, ‘cause after spending most of my time just on the 2NL tables don’t really feel like improving. I had a BRM plan so I don’t go crazy and so far so good.

The Team Online Week was a huge help, unfortunately I found out about it on Thursday of that week but still manage to get almost $5 from Team Online Pessagno. Playing on the Zoom tables was a good experience, a couple of years ago when that kind of game begun on Full Tilt Poker (I think it was called Rush on that Poker Room) I was excited to play it ‘cause playing that many hands in such small time was great. Since the games were so fast I remember losing almost all of my bankroll to those games without even noticing it (almost $50), of course I didn’t knew as much as I do now but still I was trying to avoid them.

With the boost of the Team Online Week Promo on my BR (sitting on $170) I decided to start playing a couple of 5NL tables to see how it goes. The games were a little tough and ended up losing a couple of buy-ins. Then I tried to play 2 5NL tables on Zoom to see if I could get more volume and get back up… That didn’t happen. I lost 4 buy-ins on the 5NL and decided to go back to 2NL to get back up before trying again.

After spending those days on the Zoom tables the regular ones didn’t feel as good, and since I wanted more volume while not adding more tables, I gave a shot at the 2NL Zoom tables with good results. Making a couple of adjustments to my play like playing a little tighter, trying to play most hands in position, paying attention to the stats on the HUD, all of those things helped me do great on those tables. Also I realized that I’ve running very bad all month, being down almost $30. Of course HM2 doesn’t take the into account the money I got from promos but still I knew I was doing very badly. It was only until Sunday when I finally got over the zero line.

Having said all that I think I going to stick with the Zoom tables for now, the last couple of sessions I’ve been getting twice as many hands in less time so that solves the problem I had with the volume of hands. My BR has $207 right know so I'm going to try again to play on the 5NL tables expecting better results than last time with the same BRM plan as before. If everything goes ok I’ll try to achieve SilverStar by next month. Plans for 2014? Still working on them, the main goal will be to continue moving up stakes. When I finally have a clear idea in mind I'll post it around.

Like always all comments are well received, hope everyone is doing ok. See ya around, gl on the tables!