I decided to change the topics of my blog a bit, and this one seems to be a pretty good one.

On my very short career of poker I’ve experience a couple of things that, after a while, seem to be pretty standard with this game and I wanted to share them with you to see what you think.

1.- The mood change: You started your regular session, and if you are anything like me, playing 6 tables allows you to easily know when you are doing good or bad. As you see your bankroll go up you feel so damn happy, like if you could take on the best players out there. Suddenly you lose 3 big pots in less than 5 minutes and you start wondering what happen; now you are angry, confused, distracted and a lot of other feelings, a little like a woman when she is on “her days”. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions having to watch to bankroll go up and down in just a matter of seconds but that’s poker.

2.- The lack of sleep: This one is related to the first topic. You just finished your session ready to go to bed and instead of sleeping you just lay down on your bed looking at the celling thinking about what went right or wrong on your session. Before you know you just lost 2 hours talking to yourself and the next day you have to get up early to get to your regular job (at least that’s my case). It’s ok to review your session, but there’s a time and a place to do so. After your session is done, give yourself the final thoughts about your game mark the hands for future review and move on to the next day.

3.- It’s all about poker: After a while everything is related to poker, it kind of bugs your friends that they are talking about girls and all you can come up with is a poker thing. Again, there is a time and a place for that. Your girlfriend might like to know how to did on your session, but doesn’t need to hear you talk about how you beat or got beaten by someone 24/7. Leave poker to your sessions and your poker buddies, nobody else really cares about it.

Maybe later on I'll post a couple more, feel free to comment

See ya around, gl on the tables!