Everyone’s been there once in a while, poker player or not. It’s kind of a metaphor, that moment when you feel like nothing is working out; you just want to quit cause you think that will make things better, but the reality here is that quitting isn’t the answer to any problem.

The whole idea hit me a couple of days ago during the first hour of my poker session; I was losing hands on so many stupid ways I just couldn’t believe it. On the journal I keep during play I wrote and quote: “I don’t know if I’m playing particularly bad today or not, but it seems I can’t even win with Kings or Aces. This situation is getting ridiculous”.

I remember feeling like if I was trapped in a hole I couldn’t get out from, not playing my best, and even bad players where stepping over me. I’m not claustrophobic but that idea is not particularly nice, been so down without any means to go up.

Then it finally hit me; I couldn’t blame my opponents for that (I mean I could but no), I was making some huge mistakes (I wrote down a couple) but at least I can learn from that (not much of a comfort but still…). Opened my iTunes, started playing my favorite playlist and begun trying to get back on my feet. I mean there’s a moment when you have to decide to either continue doing bad and quit or shake that off and start doing what you know. I chose the 2nd option; ended the session playing pretty well, didn’t recover everything I lost but at least I felt better about my game. I could’ve quitted, but I wasn’t tilt (yet)… Just needed a couple of hands help me realize I actually could do it better.

I’m not the best example of Tilt Control but at least I’m trying to understand better that concept and accept the fact that sometimes the cards won’t be on my side and I will lose, maybe a bad read can cost you your whole stack but learning from that is the difference between a good player and a bad one.