I woke up one day reviewing goals towards poker, what I wanted to accomplish on this last couple of month before the end of the year. Well I thought: “nice and slow, one session at the time”. I begin my day on a pretty standard matter; I go to work then hit the gym and around 8pm sit down on my computer to start playing poker. But that day things were different… I was on the waiting list for a lot of tables, after like 2 minutes I had my usual 6 tables open to begin grinding but I didn’t felt like playing. After 15 minutes or so my brother invited me to play a video game and I, without thinking about it twice, quitted the session. I know it’s something that can happen to everyone but I knew it was different this time.  A while ago I made a schedule to play poker and begin keeping a journal of my thoughts while playing, after checking it out this wasn’t the first time I did that.

There were a couple of sessions this month were I wrote that I quit ‘cause I wasn’t motivated enough to play. I remember feeling great that day, wanting to play, to continue moving forward but suddenly all of that was gone. Could it be that I got tired of poker? Or just tired of the schedule I made to play?

I began keeping a journal after reading The Mental Game Of Poker part 1 and it really has help me, so I started thinking about the motivation chapter on the book. I didn’t want to quit poker  (I knew that much) so it had to be a motivation problem. After thinking about it a lot I came up with a conclusion: don’t beat up yourself for any other time you don’t want to play, you are not a pro (yet xd), and even pros sometimes I’m sure they want to do something else than poker.

I’m a regular guy; I have a job, my girlfriend and family, my hobbies outside of poker (videogames, soccer and tennis), I exercise regularly so it’s ok to take a break from time to time.  Now I just review my poker goals every day and remember why I started playing to begin with.

I started playing poker for real money a while ago on a lot of pokersites only playing 2NL, but now that I came back to Pokerstars my main objective this year is to move up to at least 5NL and then as I move forward I’ll figure out the rest

(By the way I'm not advertising The Mental Game Of Poker I just think it's a pretty good book xD)

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gl on the tables!