This is my first post around here on the PokerSchool so an introduction sounds about right. My name is Jorge Volante I'm a 24 years old Venezuelan mechanical engineer. I've been playing poker for over 8 years (home games and stuff) and online poker since 2007 under the name 'mute07'. It was only since 2011 that I decided to learn poker the right way. I decided to buy a couple of books and start reading some blogs to get a better perspective of the game. The No Limit Texas Hold'em section of Doyle Brunson's Super System was the first thing that actually told I knew nothing about poker, after that I bought Mike Caro's Book of Poker Tells and both of the Poker Wisdom books of Daniel Negreanu. All of those book just got me more excited about it and pushed me to make my first deposit on a poker site.

I made my first deposit on Pokerstars ($27 I think) and started playing to see how it went. I won sometimes, then loosed some others... Then I found out about the Pokerstars's Team Online after watching the introduction videos of Adrienne 'talonchick' Roswsome, Tyler 'frosty012' Frost and Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra. I mean, after watching that you can actually believe you can make a living out of online poker. I started following regularly Tyler's ('cause he plays cash games, which I like the most) and Andre's ('cause I used to play Magic: The Gathering too xD, and also his challenges and the guy are amazing); both of them seem to be great guys, they are pretty active on ther social networks, always taking the time to answer your questions or just to talk about stuff. It's because of the I opened my own blog (fell free to check it out everybody )

Thanks to them I learnt about the Tracking softwares (say Hold'em Manager and PokerOffice for example) and obvioulsy I wanted to get me one of those. The thing I didn't know was that those licenses cost like $100 and that's a lot of money if you are not taking the game seriosly, but those companies offer you a chance to get a license for free if you open a new account on some selected pokersites.

I had to move to 888poker to get my licence of PokerOffice ('cause it was the first tracking software I found) but after trying the free trial of the Hold'em Manager and knowing that was the one frosty012 and acoimbra use I moved to Winner Poker to get the license. Meanwhile I kept reading books and forums.

I got it a couple of months ago and I feel much more prepare, ready to keep learning and improve my game. Winning a coaching with Andre would help me do that, I know he has tons of knowledge and ideas (I read his blog everyday and watched lots of his strategy videos). Hopefully he'll tell me I'm not in such a bad shape, maybe he'll help find those leaks on my game and perhaps improve on the MTT's like him ('cause well, like him at the start of his challenge I'm not good at all xD). Even if I don't win it, I hope he can complete his challenge (I believe its amazing and he's looking good so far); I mean, taking the time to do these free live coaching in the middle of that challenge, it says a lot of the kind of person he is. I have nothing more to add other that good luck everybody, check out my blog if you like, see ya around gl on the tables