why is it that players out of position and in steal position always seem to get lucky with rags? I understand that bad beats happen but I am so sick and tired of moving all in with the best hand pre flop and getting beat. Is there a strategy to knowing when your cards are going to hit or is it really just a donk fest crapshoot? I try to be smart and play hands that will make me the odds favorite and always seem to come up short. I don't claim to be the best poker player other wise I wouldn't need a book to teach me strategy,(power hold 'em by Daniel Negreanu) but it would be nice to know if a pro or someone with a proven track record could answer this question. In the free rolls and high entry count tourney's it seems to be all about luck and very little about skill. I understand luck is part of the game, but why is it that I seem to be punished for playing quality cards and donks get rewarded for going all in with rags.?? I also try to limit my big betting and not get into crapshoot dog fights, however in most tourney's it seems impossible to avoid. Would give anything if I could pose this question to kid poker himself. If you happen to read this kid your response would be greatly appreciated. (just in case I don't think he's going to answer lol)  well thanks to anyone who reads this and in advance thank you much for any responses I may get.

send me a message or just post a comment if u have any advice.