My view changes continually on the topic of whether poker is a game of skill or luck.  Put simply I believe it is a matter of if you get the luck and know how to play the cards then you will win, in the absence of bad luck you can win, bad luck or no good luck then you lose I'm afraid.

I played cash games last night.  I had 4 pocket KKs which I tricked the other player to go all in pre flop I called and lost each hand.  Not once did the player have aces.....................So I played the hands right with the best hand pre-flop and lost - due to bad luck.

The counter balance to this is when your opponents muck their hands then you may well be getting lucky and not realise it.  I often find I don't give out many bad beats - I believe this is because I often have the best hand going into the flops - the curse of the TAG player!! The bad beat exists to screw me over not a get out of jail card for me thats for sure.

In the end poker is gambling - as I lose with AK pre flop to A2, and on another hand my A7 after seeing a flop of A72 to the only other player in the hands A10 I shrug my shoulders, the exit option is there! Luck is a big part of the game, I just wish that sometimes my hands would hold and I can could win to!!