Finding it difficult to get into the groove at the moment and simply getting the opportunity to actually play poker for anything longer than 5 minutes.

Makes me wonder how much time people dedicate to playing poker either for actual money or 'play' money and freerolls. Whenever I'm in the mood for poker my girlfriend moans and seems it necessary to disturb me (the opposite being true when I don't have the desire to play at all).

I often get distracted easily so find it difficult to improve as I can't really pay attention to technique!

I wish I could get the opportunity to play at least a couple of tourneys a week and at least 50 hands a day, but the damn missus seems intent on keeping me from doing so... When I aint playing, she has little interest in me. Bitch!

How many hands should I be playing to improve my game and perfect my strategy I wonder..? I wonder too if I'll get the chance to find out.