OK, so I am signing up to play in the league today. Let me see how I do there. I'm doing ok at the free tables. I want a little more free practice before I open an account. I quit playing that Baldugi game for a while. At least until I build up some free chips. Taught it to my daughter the other night. We played while we watched TV. She likes it as much as I do but agrees that it is a little crazy. Now a word about a really crazy place to play. I started by playing Zynga poker on facebook. Yes, really! I know...it's full of children and who knows who else just on there being crazy but it got me to playing and I was actually playing so I could practice and learn. I think it was good for me to build up my confidence enough so I came on here. There are a few players on there who are playing the game and not just being silly. You find them as soon as all the silly people have busted out. I have them on as "buddies" so we can actually get together at a table on there and play a real game, even if it is free chips. Anyway, I count that as one of the steps to me getting here so that's OK. Well, I have a couple of things to do before registration opens for that first tourn. I'll write again in a few.