Well this one's easy, I'm on here to get really good at poker. Sure I would like to win the "big" tournament but my goal right now is to get good enough to make a living doing this. I would like that. Whe I was a kid in the 60's, my parents worked an extra job for a man who owned a club in Plainview TX called the "La Torro". His name was "J.B." but I don't remember the last name. He was a professional gambler and he traveled the old route playing poker throughout TX and the south,as well as taking trips to Vegas several times a year. I always thought that would be a nice way to make a living. Especially since I really loved playing myself, but girls didnt even think of doing something like that back then. My parents would have just had a fit! My aunt and uncle had an open all night truck stop/ diner in Lamesa TX and we( my sister and myself) would go there and spend most of our school holidays and a few weeks in the summer. They had two boys and we were all the same age (one year Marla was a freshman, Steve was a sophmore, I was a Jr and Charlie was a senior) so we all got along well. They would invite friends over and we would all dissapear into the back dinig room and play all night poker for days on end. We played just about every kind of poker there was., and about 3 AM somone would usually call for all kinds of wild cards and the game got a little crazy then. We usually took a sleep break about 6 AM for a couple of hours then got up and rode horses or drove around town a while then it was back to the game. When I "grew up" and started a family and stuff I kind of quit playing so it's been 30 or so years since I've played. ( I played some Blackjack in Cripple Creek about 15 years ago but then that's not poker.) I finally finished college and worked in Mental Health for several years then switched to teaching Art just a few years ago. My daughter talked me into a vacation in Las Vegas in June and it was great! I became reaquainted with poker and my love of the game. I have been playing on FB for a few weeks now but am really enjoying playing on here. More opportunities to learn and grow as a player here I think. I guess that's about it, I just passed my first two tests and while I didnt pass as high as I am use to on other tests, I passed and I'll be going back through the info again too, plus playing and practicing. Right now I'm not active but probably will be soon, it does need to be "for" something, even if just pennies and nickels the way we use to play at the diner. I doubt I'll record on here every day but will try to at least once/week, just to keep track of my progress in my game and toward my goal.