2016 Goals



1. spend an hour a week reviewing play, identifying and trying to rectify leaks.

2. watch the training videos I keep saying I must watch and never do, target 1 per week.

3. structure play time to allow me to enter tourneys relaxed and not have to worry about what time it will finish as I need to get some sleep before work. Leave the tourneys to the weekend in the main.

4. try to identify my best game and focus on that instead of flitting between SNG, cash and tourneys and play the game that suits the time available.

5. do not move up in stakes until I consistently win at my current stakes and my bank roll has increased by 20 buy ins at the higher level.


got a bit cumbersome so a simple update after the first 4 monts


1. run leakbuster every weekend and spend a good hour analysing the data.  pretty much ok preflop, just need to fold some of the marginal hands earlier

2 tend towatch in batches, I pick a subject then run allthe videos over the course of a week and nothing for a month so I would say I average 3 or 4 a month but not what I planned.

3. tend to play cash games in the main now andleave the tourneys to saturday.  

4. 0.05/0.10 seems to be better for me in terms of cash games.  still some reckless opponets which catch you out but the play is better.

got in to the fifty/50 SNGs and doing ok just takes time to generate profit but losses are never that large so more a staple and definately a knack to these games.

started to play more KO tourneys and the odd big or hot. 


5 currently playing 0.05/0.10 with a bank roll of around $400 so comfortable at this level.  not looking to go to 8/16 anytime soon as still wotking on post flop play mainly on the turn.