I remember sitting at a table at my friends house with 4-6 others playing many mixed games back in the day.  It sometimes took a couple weeks to round up enough people to get a game going where everyones schedules matched up.  It was easier back then because most people were on regular shifts.  It was disappointing though when 3 of us would show up and 2 people would have to call in and could not make it.  4 people in a night game is not really the funnest, the more the merrier.  It was not long after that it ended.  We could not get people together enough and I think that was the last game we ever played for cash at  a friends house.  Since there were no casinos nearby with card games I ended up losing interest and stopped playing.  I did however wish to play every once in a while.  

My brother  (Rez71) told me about online poker but I did not own a computer, let alone know how to turn one on.  I had missed the boat when all that technology started coming out and never took an interest in it.  Fast forward a few years and I am at my brothers house watching him play online poker at "POKERSTARS" He is explaining to me about the site. "Unlike trying to get a group together in real life , you can have a full table in about 10 seconds on here"  "There are so many different types of games", etc

Another issue besides not owning a computer, I never played Texas Hold Em.  I was always playing stud among other games so it was also intersting watching him play.  Espessially when he won a table or some money.  He started to explain the game to me and after he was done a game online, he he got some cards and started to teach me Hold Em.  

Fast forward a couple more years and I finally decided to catch up with the times.  I finally got a lap top and he showed me how to use it.  The first thing I did was install POKERSTARS and tried a couple free rolls.  It was like seeing an old friend for the first time in a long time.  I think I played that first night for 18 hours.

The next thing he did once I got a bit more comfortable on the computer was to introduce me to PSO and the open league.  I found it very challenging but I was/am hooked and now play them regularily as well as the premier league.  I am still working on my vpp levels.

I finally did a small deposit and started playing real money games.  Although I have not retired off it yet I am managing to keep my bank roll about even over the last few months.  I hope to improve this a bit more by taking advantage of the knowledge base here in PSO.  The videos, quizes, and experiences of other players has I think, improved my game and I am slowly starting to make more vpp than ever while not going bust!

I would love to try a bigger tournament with some real money involved but that may be a long ways off considering my bank roll but then again, Its POKERSTARS so an opportunity may be just around the corner with FPP , a small sattelite or a school pass ticket that I get lucky on.

Thanks for reading my first blog