I'm rediscovering poker after a decade of not playing.  After losing a series of $20 home games I decided I needed to practice and registered for PokerSchool.   My game was pretty shaky to start but after doing the PokerSchoolOnline courses my results started to improve.   I started with play money games and then moved to freerolls and the Open Skill League.

My goal was to win real money from playing freerolls and I was successful.  $1.03 was my total for a 485th place finish in the OpenSkill League and 13th place finish in one event.  I was able to crack the top 300 in five of the 36 tournaments I entered.  I was ranked as high as #268 but stopped playing when the higher money levels were out of reach.

I did well in satellites to the Sunday Weekly Round 2, including a win in the Hubble NLHE freeroll.  I also qualified in a Sagan's HORSE and Le Verrier's 8-Game.  My performance in the Weekly Round 2s was not so good.  Failed to place in two PLO tourneys and am playing a Badugi WR2 tomorrow.  My goal now is to play $0.02 NLHE tournaments to see if I can win $5.00 and go back to the home game.