So today I entered a a real life  150ppl Shootout tourny with a $65 buy-in for a chance to win a seat a final tourny for a @15,000 prize pool. Play was going good, stuck to the rules from PSO and played tight, after 2 hours of play the field dwindeld down to 4 tables of 10 players...after playin a total of about 6-7 hands I managed to double my far so good right?
Get AJo in big blind... raised $1000 with 3 in...was reraised and called...flop> Q K 10....I hit a straight off the flop! sweeeetness right? call all in, call was matched and raised and called....turn cardcant remember something like a biggie, I have the straight..other 2 players raise n call....river card turns...10.
I'm sooooo positive I have this pot..player to my left flips his cards, K 10.
And there goes my straight and the tournament. Lovely huh?