We all know what happened recently,with the DOJ,which coming from uk i dont know a great deal about,but i've read a few articles.It would appear Pokerstars have come out of it a bit better than some of their competition,certainly with players cash being ringfenced anyway.It's a shame the U.S players are gone though,i enjoyed playing against them.It was also a shame to have recently lost the French too,but there still seems to be a huge following from the EU/Eastern Europe,and of course smatterings of other nationalities,which can only be a good thing,for stars predominantly,but also for us players.

Whatever the recent happenings,there are one or two basics about stars that shouldn't be ignored.

For me,primarily,i believe there is no better value for money than Pokerstars,and i have played most sites over the past few years.Secondly,there is a huge amount of choice,in what games to play,across all levels of value.These days i rarely play anywhere else.Occassionally i'll visit PKR but that's usually to read the forums,as i have met,and know quite well around 100 players there,but i very rarely play there. 
I might give my views on other sites i've played in future scribings,if anyone is interested.
Anyway for now i've rambled on enough.Good luck at the tables:-D