hi i'm steve,
some of you may have seen me around the micro tables.Yes that is my ugly mug in my avatar window,switch off if it offends you,or better still,throw your chips my way before leaving the table.lol.
I've been playing stars for around 2 years on and off,but recently have become predominantly a poker stars player,after my ex favourite site PKR started ripping players off with enforced extra rake on tournaments,after only 6 months ago raising the rake for small stakes players.Anyhow this isn't about that,so no more will be said about it.
I work full time in a warehouse here in UK so i dont get a great deal of time to play.I try to take advantage of the offers here,which on the whole are pretty good.Got my silverstatus on the last promotion,1st and last time i guess because i just dont have time to play the normal volume necessary to achieve it.
Poker skills? Well you decide,my stats are not bad,but i don't class myself as anything special.
Had 2 good wins on stars,both 2nd places,in the 12k gtd $5 buy in(that was) and the 7.5k gtd $2.75 buy in.managed a 5th place in a 1.5k gtd omaha recently too.everything else has been generally low to mid range cashes,but for a recreational player i feel i'm not doing too badly.Always trying to improve my game,not always successfully.lol
So thats me.If you read this,feel free to say hi at the tables,i dont bite,and i'm usually a friendly type.
Good luck.