Playing in my first Women's Sunday tourney I learnt the following;  Whilst I would have lost all the hands I folded on, which was most of them as my play rate was less than 10%, this meant I never had any more than $2,000 max in my stack and thus 1 1/2 hours into the game when the big blind was up to $150, it didn't take long for my stack to whittle down to only $900. Just before the 2nd break won a hand with hole cards KK. Only one other raised my bet of $450 to all in $2432 to which I went all in (950) and the flop produced kd ks 4c, thus I knew I'd won the hand, the river was kd ks 4c Qh 2c and I earned a healthy 2375 from the pot.

However after the break, with too many hands producing no healthy hole cards I ended up having to risk going all in with 88's, two others called and I lost to a full house of 10 10's and 2 2 2's. Suffice to say, the player that defeated me was one who made the remark to me a few hands before this of 'are you waiting for another KK?"

My goal is to improve my bluffing skills and to learn when to be an aggresive player. Especially in tourneys such as this. To date I've played mainly in micro and/or women's tourneys and have become comfortable bluffing in these games when I am in position, or know my opponents well enough to know when to bluff. 

The biggest leasson I've learned is that playing passively tight in higher stake games isn't the way to go. I need to learn when to take the calculated risk when I've got worthy speculative hole cards and play aggresively. Especially in the early part of the game when the Blinds are small so I can build a healthy stack.

Hope to see you at the Women's Sunday Tourneys, until then, will be brushing up on my Poker Skills.