*First Entry*



About me:

Hi, I'm MrsCooley, a first year male University student who's been playing poker for about a month and a half now. In my spare time, I read financial management books, books about the stockmarket, play video games, work, and obviously... play poker.

I've been working hard to make progress into this game - because i believe i have what it takes to beat it. Interestingly enough, the money doesn't concern me. I love this game so much and I play purely because of the excitement and thrill in knowing that whatever long term profit I make - was purely due to my superior knowledge. 

So far my net gain is: negative $450 USD.

Most of it was lost during the first few weeks of me playing, practicing and losing because i had not enough knowledge of the game in a variety of aspects. I had no clue about bankroll management, and had massive leaks across my game.   Now I tend to crush low stakes micro poker, and I am hoping to build a bankroll steadily over the next year.

I had also lost a majority of that heads up - although partly was due to a massive negative variance. I'm steadily fixing leaks and working hard to master not only the mathematical side to poker, but the analytical side of it too.

My ultimate dream is to be able to have a bankroll high enough to challenge the people at the top of the game, and reach supernova elite.

I know it sounds far fetched and ridiculous but I believe in dreaming big.

Side note:

Most of you may say that a month and a half may be so very little, but I learn quickly, performed well academically outside of poker, and put in massive volume (6-8 hours a day). It is a very tiring schedule balancing my life out, but hopefully it all works out.


Today was an interesting day for me.

As a set goal, i've been working hard to put in volume, time, and resources to learn more but also play more poker.

Logging about 6 hours, I've been placing pretty solid in Poker School Open League tournaments.

I've played 13 tournaments in total, and i've placed ITM in over 50% of them.

New Information learnt:

An interesting aspect of the game I found is that how much cold calling early position with very powerful pre-flop hands (K-K, A-A) worked out. In Open League tournaments, many players were overly eager to push their stack with semi-viable hands from Ace-Rag to low pocket pairs.

Basic logic would dictate that I should be pushing early position or atleast raising, but that seemed to illustrate that I had ace-rags crushed, although just calling seemed to give villans an incentive.Overall, it seemed to be a viable strategy in the early stages of the game, and a great boost to my stack. Upon looking through Poker Tracker, it also seemed to be positive EV.

Set farming seemed to be a positive EV play when done with caution even in tournaments. It is incredibly difficult when my M-ratio is below 10 however.

Squeeze playing with 5* BB seemed to be more effective in multiway pots as in tournaments people will gamble if the bet is not high enough. You can get cooled quite often.