Game 6 - 08/07/2011 @ 06:00 WET
Rank 407
Field 5665

-Played very tight throughout, only played 4 hands to completion, winning 3. 
-Experimented with running the clock down to make other players tilt and to allow myself more time in the tourney - seemed to work well but (after hillarious reactions for first 10-20 mins) it's pretty boring so I'll have to see if the points justify these tactics.
-Lost half stack playing AQ suited with roughly 700 people left in.

Reasons for loosing final hand played: All in preflop short stacked.

All in (SB 6s 2s) pre flop vs.2 players
Board 2h 3d 9d 10h As
My Cards (BB) Ah Qc
Opponents Cards (UTG) 5h Ac
Opponents Cards (M) Ad 9s

Learnt:  If I want to progress further in tournaments, I need to begin making my moves after the +ve -ve points cutoff.  I will see what the difference in points was for my last 2 finishes and decide on the correct strategy to maximise the points I will earn in the future.