Game 5 - 08/07/2011 @ 02:00 WET
Rank 72
Field 6932

-Played very tight throughout - saw flop 11% of the time. 
-Took a big hit raising KK preflop, 2 callers and A hit so had to fold to a pot sized bet ~ 1000 people left.
-Drew luckily to one hand with ~300 people left.

-Best performance so far, although field was smaller than other times, and I barely played at all whilst 2000 of them dropped out.

Reasons for loosing final hand played: All in preflop short stacked.  Playing too many players - beaten by pocket pair to my 2 overcards.
All in (BB Ah Qh) pre flop vs.2 players
Board 9h 7d 5d 4h 4c
My Cards (BB) Ah Qc
Opponents Cards (SB) 10h 10d
Opponents Cards (Cutoff) 9d Qs

Learnt:  It's definetly worth not playing anything but premium hands WHEN IN VERY LATE POSITION for the first hour - or until at least 2000 people are out.   Raising big with AA when UTG is often beaten by people playing rags calling or re-raising later.  There's more chance that better OR more predictable players will be playing the longer I stay in the tournament.