Basically my blog will be documenting my results from the PSO skill league and I'll be super grateful for any comments and advice I can get on how I can improve my Hold'em game.

My background:  I'm a British Astrophysics graduate, and my poker background is almost exculusively offline 5 card draw and 7 card stud. 
I tried my hand recently at playing Hold'em online at microstakes and small buy-in Sit&Gos, without much success (down about $50 dollars or so overall).
My aim is to improve my game by playing PSO league, Facebook league and other freerolls, whilst reading up everything I can about the game.
I hopee you enjoy reading, and please comment away with all your advice and tips, I'm always open to suggestions!

Below are my results of the first two tournaments from July (I used the score calculator provided so scores might not be quite right).  I'll usually try to play tight and passive to begin with, and become gradually more aggressive as tournament progresses.  This is the format that all my entries will take, and I'll be writing down what I think I learned from each experience.


Game 1 - 01/07/2011 @ 06:00 WET
Rank 2346
Field 4432
Previous Score 1500
New Score ~ 1497

Reason for loosing: Getting sucked in with high pair on BB (really bad play by me)
Board 10h Qc Ks 3h 7c
My Cards (BB) Kh 4c
Opponents Cards (Cutoff) Kd 8h

Game 2 - 01/07/2011 @ 10:00 WET
Rank 4534
Field 7126
Previous Score 1497
New Score ~ 1490

Reason for loosing: UNLUCKY? (44% favourite vs. 2 Opponents)
Board 4h 7c 2h 4d 2s
Opponents Cards (UTG) 4s 3h (Shoves preflop)
My Cards (UTG+3) Ad Kh (Call All-in)
Opponents Cards (Button) Ah Qs (Call All-in)
Learnt: VERY EARLY STAGES ONLY SHOVE WITH AA, KK, (or maybe QQ to a known donk)