hi poker players.

I can't just write about one outstanding moment at Pokerstars.Will very hard to say really, there's been a few.

i dont play much time on PokerStars, im playinf about 3-4 months, and i cant think one best moment in here,I'm not really a big money player because I'm still building a bankroll

I start to play with 0$ bankroll...!!!....trying to get tickets from freerolls for WR2, and some cents from Bankrollmob...finally i get one ticket for WR2 and some cents from Bankrollmob..(lmao)...I start to look for turnys to up my bankroll. I find the 0.02c/990 players, and i decide to play it...1st time nothing, 2nd time nothing, lol, all in every hand with anything from some players, i thought ''omg how to play in this turny''...After a few turnys, i get 0.10c, i play 4-5 turnys more, and get the same (0.10).My bankroll still its not good.Next step decide to play 0.10/360 players, and got 3rd place for 3.66$, and about 30 times some more cents (0.28-0.24-0.30...etc) ..still my bankroll was down.

I play about 30 turnys of that take some cents, and see my bankrool take the up way, and think its time to play some 0.25/45 players.Got one 3rd place again for 1.70$ , and more 3-4 times cash for some cents.

Still not enough...So i say is time to try some 1.10$ buy-ins and the ''Hot 0.55'' turny with GTD price pool.I cash 6 times a low price from 1.10$ buy-in and about 14 times in the Hot 0.55$.And finally, see my bankroll take the up way!! I manage to go 40$ from 0$..

With that bankroll, i go to next step to SNGs, getting and FFP and playing in turnys with FPP points, and get from there some $$....Collect much FPP getting the chromestar status, and enter in Weekly freerolls for chromestatus players, cash some $$ from there.

Then I saw pokerschoolonline.I registered,started seeing live trainings, and then i saw the Leagues..!!...Now i play every turny on PSO league, hopping to get some $$ from there.

So, my best moment on PokerStars, was to see my bankroll going from 0$ to 40$.

Wish you all good luck at the tables.