Ok, the blog created.....for the Time Vault 2013 Challenges & Battleground 

(I apologise if my english is not good)

Hi everyone.!

About me:

I start to play the game about 6-7 years ago.At the begin i play with friends at home, and then i jump to online poker. Online i play about 3-4 years. Start for fun playing only freerolls, and then realise that i can make some money. For 1,5 year i play on another site, i never deposit, and i build my bankroll from 0$ to 1.750$. Ofcourse i withdraw it, and leave 300$ to play. The last 2 months the bad beats was unbelievable..!! I lost 250$ of my bankroll, and always lose from specific players.....So i decide to leave that site...

I create my account to PokerStars i think a year ago, but i never play here. So, i start to play here one month now, every day. Im trying to build my bankroll now, and in one month from 0$ i build it to 43$. Its not much, i know, but i play freerolls for tickets, microstakes MTT's, and microstakes SNG's. I hope to build it fast to jump at higher stakes.


PS: I wish players dont think   ''ok, its only 1$ or 2$ buy-in, lets go all-in with any 2 cards''  ,  and must start think like  ''i get in to the MTT or to SNG with 1$ or 2$, and the 1st-2nd or 3rd place pay good for my buy-in'' ....then the things are good for everyone 

Wish you all good luck at tables, cause is a part of poker, its not only the skills...