Going to keep track of my ups and downs here, will try to post after a session.









Setting a bankroll challenge for myself $20 - $2000.

Started with $24 in my account 2 weeks ago, im up to $55 at the minute playing 2NL.

Im going to deposit $20 on Friday to help boost my BR a little, I started with 10 BI, a little light but i plan to work off a 25 BI BR, once i have 40 BI i will take a shot at 5NL.

So far so good up over 1500 bb over 6.8k hands. 

That will be my last deposit hopefully.

For my first 4k hands i was on such a heater, i hit a lot of flops hard, after that, for the next 2k hands i couldnt hit anything, AA cracked by KK, set over set if i did hit anything. Although i couldnt hit anything decent i only lost about 1 BI over the 2k hands which i was happy about.  Then in my last session my cards just came back to life and i was up 200bb.  Unfortunatly i had to cut the session short due to work, so i will see how the next sessions gos and post here.


Balance $55

Winnings to date: $31.06

Hands Played: 6587