Been a while since my last post, but things have happening around here that have been occupying my time.  My wife and I play slots at the local casinos 5 days a week. This is a supplement to my retirement. We only play the matchplay at each casino and between the "Ladies Day, Guy's Day, Senior Day, Wacky Wednesday, Thrilling Thursday" we have plenty of opportunities. We have NEVER come home with less than we left the house with. If  I posted my actual winnings we would have to pay taxes.  I cut down the number of P S O games I played in March. I only played 11 games and was in the money 3 times with only 2 negative point games. I held on to make a $3 award for the month. I found the discipline to be VERY patient during the P S O games. So far this month of April I have played only 7 games and have been in I T M 3 times with only 1 negative point outcome. With this current trend of play I have been very happy and satisfied with my results. The only problem with this is my play in online ring games of NLHE have been TERRIBLE. In Feb. I took my stack up 30%. In March it went down 15%. So far this month I am down another 10%. Trying to stay  " ACTIVE" has cost me most of what I was ahead. I need to figure out why I am able to hang around in the P S O games but  am unable to make any headway in the ring games. Anybody have any suggestions please feel free to comment or leave me a message.    See Ya'll  At The Tables,   Mr G