Apologies to Jim Nantz and Jack Nicklaus,  but it was a win for the ages for me.  First place in the morning PSO Skill League game on Feb.9.  WOW  I'm still reeling today. I felt like I was "in the zone".  All hands seemed effortless. All bets were effective. All folds were timed perfectly. When we reached the last hundred players I felt so comfortable, when I would usually have been so wired.  When we got to the last two tables I was playing with a confidence I'd never experienced before. The final table, I checked later, consisted of mostly folks like me. Relative lowballers who made a fantastic run in the game that day. One player at the final table had actually won the same game a day or two previous and was hoping to prove it no fluke. His presence proved  that his earlier win was valid. Down to the final three, one of which had not made a play in the last 40-50 hands, was not "sitting out" but letting time run out on every hand. I was playing to eliminate him  through blinds and antes. He finaly began to play and made it to heads-up.  By then my stack was indomitable, the outcome inevitable. A WIN FOR THE AGES.  Now proving my own validity will be my next challenge. MrG