The roll kept on for a while. I finished Jan. with enough points to q' for the warm-up games. I q'ed for another tourny at the other site.( a seniors game,lol)  I even got another ticket to The Big Game round 2. My best part of the roll was winning FOLDING money in an NAPL Rookie game. A buck and two cents. Would have made more except for a Jack on the river that that filled his hand and missed my two pair,Queens up. Started Feb with positive finish in my first skill league game of the month. Then the storm hit. They're calling it  "Snowmaggedon" here. We got 13 inches of snow and winds to 55 mph. the temp is 6 with a wind chill of   -16. Haven't left the house in two days. Probaly won't till Thurs. the temperature isn't supposed to get above freezing till Friday. Must have been snowblind when I played again.  My roll hit an end when i was beaten on another river card for alot of chips early in my second skill league game of Feb. Oh well it's still very early in the month, so I think I'll be OK. Maybe just a speed bump on my roll. Good luck to all and stay warm and safe where ever you are.  MrG