Something is not right with my poker play or something is wrong with my cards. I do not expect to win each hand I go in on. But one thing I would like to see is atleast a sweat. No sweat here hand after hand. I have went all in with big cards and little cards. I only went in with the little cards because everone wins with them all the time. This morning I went all in with KK against AK off I was beat with trip A's. Not a sweat at all. I just find it funny that the players can pole a rabbit out of a hat everytime. I have never seen cards delt the way they are delt here. If a person goes in with a random two cards they will win with a straight or a flush. Do they know what my cards are or do I have a red flag on me to loose. Something is telling them to play there ugly cards. I have know idea how many times I have played AK suited and not suited and got beat by a A rag. Well WoW that is all I can say.