I like to tell you my story about my best hand I ever had , was playing holdem yesterday when I had 78 sited , it was late in the game and even before the flop the betting was crazy, everyone was just about in, even me with my 78 suited. Well here comes the flop 888, GULP, I was in heaven, everyone had big pairs as we seen at the end, flop was a ACE of spades, river, KING of spades, by now the betting was insane yet I never bet or raiser, and the pot was insane. Here were some of the hands, full boat AAA88, KKK88, 2 flushes, AKQ108, AKJ88, QQ888, JJ888, and finally my hand 88887, I was in just in my glory all really great hands and me with my quads. I tell you never made 1 bet or 1 raise, I just sat back and was counting all the chips rolling in. This was the most crazy hand I have ever been a part of and loving every moment. Well I hope you enjoyed my story and I wish everyone could be in the same spot at least once to feel what I felt. All I can say is awesome, and this is a hand that will live in my mind for the rest of my dieing days. Good luck to all you poker nuts out there, and may all your hands be hot and your pots be monsters.  I really hope I can tell you more stories like this one.  GL ALL MR T J ROCK