In about 3 hours The Team Online Freeroll will take place, a special tournament for those who follow the professional players associated with Pokerstars. The tickets are issued by the players themselves to their students, followers, workshop attendants, as a means of promoting the sport and the site.


But why follow the pros?

Since I have started to play the game, it seemed logical to me to learn it from people who have the right approach to the game and are proven winning players. There are many players I look up to and one day, with a lot of effort and some luck, I will be able to play at their stakes and make a living out of poker. Many team online players have very good blogs where they talk about their approach to the game in their chosen speciality. So if we want to get better and learn about a particular variant, we can try to read and study the methods and follow the lessons of these professionals. 

As my mother language is Portuguese of Brazil, I like to follow André Akkari, Caio Pessagno and André Coimbra for MTT strategies. I am also a follower of the great GrindingItUp series by Felix Schneiders for cash games. Felix holds popular home game sessions, youtube hangouts, all kinds of events that we can follow live, also here at PSO. Great method!

It's very much worth to follow players like Tyler Frost, Randy Lew and Adrienne Rowsome, just to name a few. I feel it's necessary to keep learning and maintaining the motivation by getting some fresh insights into the game. There are also many professional players who are not (yet) part of team pro such as Gareth Chantler who writes really engaging and interesting material. 

Last Team Pro Tournament I played, I had  André Coimbra two sits my left (good news, better than to the right) and I think the session went pretty ok.


Later I was moved to another table with nice girl and Poker Pro LadyMace86 , who made a nice move against me shoving the river here (representing the T?) but I didn't believe it much  

Also on the table was Naoya Kihara from Japan. At that time I played just one hand or two against him, not with success

Later in the game, my last hand in this tournament was an unfortunate 88 turned into a set on the flop, I raised, got called, shoved the turn, got called and... OUCH that river....

I had fun and the priviledge to play some good players, made good decisions and I am happy to be able to play the next one later today. May the rivers be a little better for me


Good luck to those playing, thanks for reading!