As I write this blog post it's still running, the Guinness World Record Tournament 861705905 I just participated will make a few players very happy with  final table paying 25K for first place.  I didn't start my MTT grind yet this year so I am not buying into any MTT's at the moment but it feels really good to be playing one. To apply MTT concepts to this tourney with a giant field and very fast 3 minutes structure was basically to apply push/fold ranges.

To my big surprise, as the tables got rearranged, who sat at my table? One of my big idols in poker, the fantastic player André Akkari. Case you don't know that yet, Akkari is for Brazil what Negreanu is for the rest of the world. He is the biggest promoter of poker in Brazil and aside from being Team Online for pokerstars has a WSOP bracelet. His presence causes an immediate explosion in the chat box by his many Brazilian followers. For those of you who read my blog posts before, I have  mentioned André Akkari many times in the past as a source of inspiration and have tried to apply his methods when it comes to developing a poker career.

The hand above with the AK by the way I shipped and got called by the shorty in the BB, who lost and increased my stack . I am very short so really looking for an opportunity to shove, and it comes as I am first to act with A9s, ship it, Akkari is in the blinds and calls with 99, pretty standard stuff really, my overcard comes and I take the pot down. It feels nice to get a double up by one of your idols

Shortly after that I got moved to another table, won a few flips, lost one essential one which brought me back to a 5BB stack and after that found myself shipping K high from SB over a limper and getting called of course by the BB, no fold equity there. The big stack called with T7s, flopped TAT, board turned out TATK2 and away I was from the tournament, cashing $3 bucks. Nice! Better than no cash at all of course, but it's not about the cash but about the feeling I did take the good decisions. 

Today I had the fantastic news from PSO that I'll be assigned to private coaching by Gareth, who is both a cash grinder and a tournament grinder so I am hoping to get some new insights and bring my game to a new level. The private coaching is part of the prizes during the Time Vault Project, as some of you already know, finished in December giving out many prizes to PSO members who participated in it. 

One of the features of the promotion was a SNG for the members who finished, a 2 tables 6 max SNG with a $500 dollars prize! That's some prize for a freeroll! Really good. 10 people participated, 2 got paid. 

The last 10 winners and participants of the Invitational SNG were there facing each other at the poker table, something we didn't do before as we had been mainly supporting and giving each other advice along the year. It was very nice to meet PSO members at the table, who I know to be very good players. Here are the results: 

PokerStars Tournament #848550777, No Limit Hold'em
10 players
$500.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $500.00 USD
Tournament started 2014/02/15 19:00:00 CET [2014/02/15 13:00:00 ET]
Tournament finished 2014/02/15 20:06:27 CET [2014/02/15 14:06:27 ET]
1: PokerIggy (Netherlands), $325.00 (65%)
2: mr mendes 20 (Netherlands), $175.00 (35%)
3: Paul7036 (United Kingdom),
4: TrustySam (Canada),
5: Fadyen (United Kingdom),
6: Built-byTilt (China),
7: iBeko (Lithuania),
8: Rogger1999 (Czech Republic),
9: Profess Awe (United Kingdom),
10: Sandtrap777 (Canada),

I was really happy to have the second place among so many good players. Of course I would have preferred to have had a better heads up battle against first prize winner PokerIggy. 

Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables!