This November I have been trying to follow a good strategy in poker. Just playing one type of game for a while.  I am sure that the only way to succeed is by hard work on specialization.  What is really exciting to me in particular is MTT strategy,  that's why I follow the blogs players like Akkari, Pessagno, Coimbra.
I have set my schedule this November to play only the Open Skill League. I really enjoy it, I have to say. I used to be really annoyed by the hundreds of donks shoving ATC all the time. But once you survive that initial stage, there's some decent poker to be played. 
I tried to adapt some plays to fit the featured stats in this month's PSO promotion: Trickiness and Shooter Factor .


Not really sure how much volume I need to provide enough data for some accuracy which helps me improve the quality of my game.  But it is interesting. 
In my efforts to become a better poker player I want to use all means I can get. I am afraid though the volume wasn't enough this month. I intend to keep grinding the OSL till next month and see how that goes. For now, over the course of 500 hands this is how my stats look like.10 Tournaments is really nothing, I will try to play at least one a day next December. Two a day would be ideal if I have the time. Meanwhile, try to adapt the style more towards winning tournaments and who knows make a few fina tables along the way. In the OSL, with fields of 7.000 to 10.000 players per tourney it's quite a feat to make the final table, for sure if you take into consideration the fact that in a freeroll player don't seem to use the fold button much.

If you have any views on how I could adapt my style please let me know. Increase my VPIP? Get trickier? Be less aggressive post flop? 

Thank you for reading and good luck at the tables!